Floor and Wall Tiling


We offer a range of tiling solutions for the various rooms of your property across Wales.  Both floor and wall tiling are undertaken using a range of materials including ceramic, porcelain and mosaic tiles.

The first stage of any tiling project is to ensure a sound and even surface to tile over.  For floor tiling over a solid floor this might include the laying of new screed or self-levelling compound. Over a sprung of wooden floor first a layer of ply is first secured before the installation of tiles with flexible adhesive and grout.

Where a wall is been tiled it might be necessary to dry-line with new plasterboards or plaster over the existing surface to achieve an even surface to tile over

Once a sound surface is achieved tiling can be planned out to achieve the neatest finish for your room, whether it be a kitchenbathroom or other area.  Tiling is the carried out using the correct adhesive for the location using the tile material and finish of your choice.

The tiling is finished with grout, washed down and any silicone sealing completed that is necessary.




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