Bathrooms Fitted

Bathrooms are often the last room in a house to get renovated. Sunbury builders offer a complete service including plastering, plumbing, carpentry, tiling and decorating removing the hassle of having multiple contractors to contact.

With today’s busy life styles showers are very popular we offer a range of solutions in terms of dedicated shower cubicles and enclosures as well as mounting over an existing bath.  Depending on your existing plumbing and needs so offer different shower solutions including mixer, thermostatic mixer, power and electric showers from recognised manufacturers.

Fitted bathrooms have become very popular in recent years due to their modern appearance and addition of valuable bathroom storage.

To finish the walls of your bathroom Wales Builders offer the choice of replastering, ceramic or porcelain tiles and the ultra low maintenance PVC cladding which is available in a large range of finishes.

For the floor in your new bathroom we offer a full range of solutions including ceramic and porcelain tiles, tile effect bathroom laminate flooring and vinyl.




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